Receive The Dollar Brush Kit for only $2.99 monthly and a sign up fee of $34.99. That's it.


2 brush head shipments every 6 months. Always brush with fresh heads.


It’s a 2 year cycle. Receive the latest version of The Dollar Brush Kit at no extra charge every 24 months.

Dollar Brush Kit

$2.99 monthly. $34.99 sign up fee.

The Dollar Brush Kit [subscription]

    Three different cleaning modes that produces up to 48,000 vibrations per minute to remove plaque and give a deep clean that's customized for your gums. 


    Powered by top quality rechargeable battery that lasts 60 days on a single charge; so you can take your brush wherever your life takes you.


    Each brush head refill is made from high quality DuPont bristles that are soft on gums and tough on stains + plaque.


    Sleek durable travel case with super long lasting batteries. It's perfect for travel. Never use a cheap hotel brush ever again!

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"I was really impressed with the Dollar Brush experience. The brush is comparable to my much, much pricier Sonicare and it includes absolutely everything. Plus the subscription means you get your brushheads sent automatically to remind you to change them out, which definitely helps." Link.

"I've enjoyed using this toothbrush for the past few months now. The vibrations are very comparable to my previous sonic electric toothbrushes. I have referred my family to this service. The customer care staff is also really nice and accommodating." Link.

"This electric toothbrush subscription service delivers toothbrushes and replacement brush heads straight to your home, offering a cost and time effective solution." Link.

"The electric toothbrush is a quality product that left my teeth feeling clean and healthy. The price is beyond reasonable and something I would spend on for my family." Link.

Why the Dollar Brush? Because #YourDollarSaves

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