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Numerous dentists, including Dr. Ray Han have endorsed Aquafresh Brushheads as their number one choice for electric toothbrush brushheads. Aquafresh Brushheads are currently available across 7,000 dental offices in Canada and provided to countless patients across the nation.  


Each Aquafresh Brushhead is made of high quality DuPont bristles that are soft on gums and tough on stains and plaque. Carefully crafted for an optimal experience with the Invigorator.

All of our brushheads are packed in pairs, with individual covers, and delivered in a high quality travel case.  Each shipment comes with 2 pieces that will last you for 6 months.


The American Dental Association as well as many leading dentists, including Dr. Ray Han, recommend replacements every three months for an optimal brushing experience. After 3 months, bacteria and micro organisms start to grow that could be harmful to your health.  The bristles also get worn down and become weak and deformed.  We send you timely replacements so you never have to worry.  Fresh breath, delivered.