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We simply make it easy for you to make the switch from manual to electric.


Why do I need a new brush every 2 years and new brushheads every 3 months?

Using old brush heads can damage gums and leave your teeth not fully clean.

Never miss your 3 month replacement cycle and don't worry about finding the right replacement brushhead at a store. Our service delivers high quality replacement brushheads to your door at an extremely low price.

We send new Invigorator electric brushes every 2 years as the sonic technology continues to improve (measured by VPM - vibrations per minute). We also want to add more features in the future like Whitening or Sensitive modes. Also, just like a smartphone, the built in batteries could erode over time. Our products also have 2 year warranties so you will never be without a warranty using our service.

How are you different from others?

Big corporations charge you hundreds of dollars for electric brushes with useless features. More importantly, they charge you nearly $15 every time you buy a replacement brushhead. This is how they get you to spend nearly a hundred dollars a year to brush with fresh brush heads.

Dollar Brush cuts the BS while providing you similar or even higher quality products. We also deliver straight to your door so you never have to worry about finding the right brushhead at the store.

How do we trust your product?

All of our products have been tested, used, and endorsed by many dentists including Dr. Ray Han in Canada. Our product is currently distributed to thousands of dentists in Canada who provide them to their patients.

We have screened dozens of suppliers and decided to partner with publicly listed manufacturers who have a very long track record and with very high product standards - including ISO 9001:8000, GS/CE/EMS/ROHS in EU, and FDA/UL/ETL certifications in USA.

Our products also comes with 2 year warranties, and at the end of 2 years you receive a brand new electric brush. This means you will never be without a warranty.

What is your mission?

Simple - we want you to brush fresh by

1. having the best and newest electric brush every 2 years

2. having fresh, high quality brushheads every 3 months delivered straight to your door so you never miss a cycle

3. having warranty coverage at all time so you never worry

4. without breaking your wallet - just $2.99/month (shipping included)

Also, we kind of want to help the world. Check out our Philanthropy page below.

How does payment work?

As we are sending you a very expensive high quality electric brush in the beginning, we kindly ask for a 6 month prepayment from our members.

Your payment cycle will begin 6 months from now when you receive your first Aquafresh brushhead shipment with 2 units. From then on, you simply pay $2.99/month. The cycle starts over in 24 months when you receive the latest version of the Invigorator.

What if I want to cancel or get a refund?

After the first 12 months, we will stop all monthly payments immediately without any questions. Note you will never be able to resume our service in the future with the same address - this means no Aquafresh refills! The strict 12 month requirement allows us to recoup some costs as the Invigorator brush we send you in the beginning is very expensive.

As brushes and brushheads are extremely personal and hygiene related, we cannot accept refunds once the product is opened. We sincerely hope you understand.

We are very confident that you will love the product and worry free experience of the Dollar Brush. Contact us anytime with any concerns at staff@thedollarbrush.com and we promise to try our best to accommodate all of your needs.

Can I refer a friend?

Sure! We currently do not have a formal referral program as our margins are already razor thin. But if you do refer some friends, just send us an email at staff@thedollarbrush.com with your login ID and we will send you a small gift to show you our gratitude.

If you more questions, then email us at staff@thedollarbrush.com