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Once you join, you will receive the Invigorator in the mail.
It comes with 2 Aquafresh Brushheads. Please use each one for 3 months OR one brushhead for mornings and one for evenings over 6 months.
*Travel case also included, but not shown in the picture
Every six months - receive your Aquafresh brushhead refill in the mail. 
Each shipment comes with 2 Aquafresh brushheads in a plastic case.
*Every shipment comes in a case and individual covers for each brushhead

Every 2 years, receive the latest version of the Invigorator in the mail. 
We aim to offer more colours and upgraded features each cycle. 

*The Invigorator 2, currently in development
You get all of this for just $2.99/month. That's it. 
Free shipping too. What are you waiting for?